UPDATE 1st September 2012

UPDATE 1st September 2012

On this Website you will find a lot of information about Agia Pealgia but also general information about Crete and Greece. On the left side is the navigation.
On the link “Accommodations” you will find a page with the most Apartments, Hotels and Villas in Agia Pelagia.
The most Apartments in Agia Pelagia are familyrun complexes. But exapt the apartments you will also find some huge hotels just outside the village.

Agia Pelagia is a cosy small village on the north coast of Crete, breathing the atmosphere of authentic Greece, even though it is only 22 km from the capital Heraklion.
The region is full of natural beauty and due to its geographic position it played an important role throughout history. Where Agia Pelagia is now, there used to be an ancient Greek city, it has been inhabited since around 2000 BC as most findings date back to 1700 BC and 1300 BC when the inhabitants had dealings with Faistos, Knossos and the Cyclades. The ancient town was destroyed by fire in 1200 BC. Sir Arthur Evans mentioned that they were the best salvaged remains of a Minoan harbour. Many of the ceramics collected there, are now found in the museum of Ashmolen in Oxford. The most notable remains found in the wide area: large water containers (for the supply ships), the Roman Aquaduct, engraved tombes etc.

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